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Products Carried in the GAK Shack

Products Carried in the GAK Shack

  • Camera Tape
  • Radio Headsets
  • Headset accessories
  • Cell Phone Chargers
  • LED flashlights
  • LED Headlamps
  • Green Laser pointers
  • Deodorant
  • USB Battery packs
  • USB Cords
  • Tylenol
  • Women’s hygiene products
  • 5 hour energy shots
  • and more…
The Gak Shack

Payment Methods

The Gak Shack film tool vending machine now accepts Cash, Credit Cards and Interac Debit Cards!

The Gak Shack

How it all started

The GAK Shack was founded by a member of a film crew when he saw a need for access to gear after hours on film studio lots.

“The idea for The GAK Shack came to me when I noticed there was a need by our film crews for film supplies and personal items during the course of a shoot, but they had no time after work to get these things.” – Founder Matt T.

Thus The GAK Shack was born.